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Merry Xmas o.o

And a happy New Year to you.
 Thanks! >///<

HelloOoOoOo! Happy Birthday ;) *wink wink*

Uuh!! Thanks <3 ;) !! *HUGS!!*<3

Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome day~

Thank you so much! :D ! <3

Happy birthday, my lady ! :) Keep being as amazing as you already are ! :D

Aww Ulter :) Thanks! <3 *Hugs n kiss!*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!! Ahhh I hope you get all of the wonderful and amazing things you deserve~! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Thank you so muuch babe!!!! <3 x3! SO HAPPY! *HUGS AND KISSES!!*

Don't thank me, you're an amazing artist ^^


Omg, thank you! Thank you!! *LOTSA HUGS AND KISSES!*<3

Happy Birthday, Anne! :) Hope you have a wonderful day <3 With plenty of cheesecakes and dragons! (>^_^)(^_^<)

Strawberry B!! <3 ^__^Thank you so much!
It’s not gonna be much fuss, I’m just going to stay in and buy myself a cake, order chinese for dinner and just enjoy being me. ^__^Thank you alot!!

=OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday.

Thank you so much!! ^__^

» Happy Birthday to my wonderful Anne :D


Today, the 27th of August, the best friend in the entire world has birthday! AnartisticReality is one of the most important people in my life and without her, I would still be the sorry shadow of a person I was before meeting her! Please send her some love if you can spare it: http://anartisticreality.tumblr.com/ She’s amazing in every way and I love her to the heavens :) Happy Birthday, Anne. I love you! <3

T____T !! OMG!! LOVIE!!! <3 

Non no no! Thank YOU! I dunno where I’d be without you and our universe, I’m so happy I messaged you 4 years ago! And now you’re such a major part of my life! I appriciate having you in my life everyday! <3 
You’re my muse, the reason I wanna get up in the morning and get online and NOT give up trying to get where I want to be in life.