Drawings, sketches and randomness :)
» Anything you lovelies would like to see for Daily Draw today? <3
» Daily Draws

I have decided to do a daily draw, because of my intense lack of getting anything out to you guys this whole month! I will compenmsate for that by giving you guys a piece each day. Be it a sketch, a chibi or a full illustrated picture will of cause be up to my self-criticism and my inspiration.

Thank you all for sticking around despite my idleness. I love you all! <3

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I love you guys ! <3

» Kittens and Artblocks

Hello everyone! o/

While my art activity is very low as I regret, I thought I’d share some of the distractions in my life. Below you see Jaquen (Black kitten) and Jaime (Red one). Adorable, yes?

They were supposed to be mine, but because of some things I need to find new homes for them. So its taking quite a toll on me.

Hope you guys are well and sticking around. Also know that I appriciate each one of you, dearest followers <3

(Sorry for thigh with clawmarks.)